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Quality Assurance

Take trust in BuzzToneWeb Productions to ensure your site is cross platform/browser compatible and viewable on different types of computers and operating systems such as Pc's & Mac's, Linux or Windows using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Fire Fox or Netscape. We do this by verifying your site online and and validating the code to the standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium.

This important step is often neglected by other designers altogether, as it's a knowledge intensive process. Due to the dynamic nature of certain sites and the content and features some pages may not validate entirely, such as a flash embedded movie or ad or a pre-scripted script or HTML generator would cause this. The base layout coding is always validated as well as the (CSS) Cascading Style Sheets.

Quality Review Check List
  • Scalability
  • Functionality
  • Organization & Structure
  • Consistency and ease of use
  • Search Engine Optimization & Submission
  • Branding
  • Functionality
  • Grammatically correct and error free
  • Fast loading techniques
  • Client's satisfaction
Image Optimization & Development

We have the expertise to create customized graphics, logos and images and to ensure that they are optimized for your site. We cater to a variety of customers and can optimize a site and graphics according to a clients bussiness needs. An Artist or Musician prefers larger and better quality photos and are willing to sacrifice a shorter download for size and quality. Where as a corporate site would be less graphically intense and the images and style optimized in a corporate style or manner. We use a combination of programs that optimize your images without compressing them or use very little compression, which ever your needs may be.

We have the latest Adobe CS3 Suite of products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and more. The results of these programs are visibly apparent on all our clients sites. We also use a Linux platform grahics program named The Gimp to further optimize your images for the web.

Graphic Design

BuzzTone Web Productions has professional-level graphic design skills. We create sites that grab your attention and/or sites that project your sense of integrity, professionalism and style. Many of our clients have opted to have a new logo designed for the web or their current logo re-made or converted for print and web design.

Our clients are taking advantage of our print conversion services to easily create stunning print ads based on the look and graphic design used on their websites.

Visit our porfolio to see examples of the print ads and info about each of our clients site.
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Feature Website

..kudos to Terry Owen for a stylish, well designed and user friendly site!

...Your site and work is excellent Terry! Very impressed with your work. You are very talented and diverse in your skillsets which is reflected in the sites you have created.