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Developing a website is an investment in your business' future. BuzzTone Web Productions creates professional-looking, properly coded, and effective websites and gets you online, but we can do much more than.

A unique professional web presence is good, but making it work for you and your business goes beyond just being online. You need to leverage the power of the internet, a marketing tool that supports and promotes your business now and for the longer term. We strive at having your site integrated with your daily operations and automated so it's as little effort and work to manage it. There are many ways to accomplish these goals.

With an in-depth understanding of what the Internet can and should do for your business your website will be based on a thorough understanding of your expectations, now and in the future. To make the most of this, you should be prepared to discuss your goals or objectives for your site. For more information on this, please Contact Us.

Your site is your marketing tool and there are a few simple ways to attract traffic and interest in your site. The site should reflect your business' branding, but it works both ways.
  • Adding your website address to ALL of your company's stationary, business cards, posters, print publications and advertising will generate new visitors to your site.
  • Consider adding sections to your site such as a "What's New" or "News" section that get updated on a regular basis.
  • 1 or 2 random/rotating images that change with each visit on your main page or pages that are frequently visited is another easy method to create an interest to re-visit your site regularily.
  • Take advantage of our print conversion services that can convert your site and elements from it into a color print advertisement that can look like your website.
  • Consider an exclusive online coupon or promotion
  • Network with online communities and promote your business there as well. Submit your site to directories, to other business services websites that list and group different types of business' and also industry specific. i.e.
Search Engine Optimization

To get the information or products your customers came for they must be able to find your site among potentially thousands of similar sites.

All of BuzzToneWeb Productions websites are creayed from the ground up with search engine optimization inherent. More than just tailoring your keywords and description meta tags, this complex area of site management involves key word optimization throughout your code, analysis of competition and niche market strategies. Our experience and depth of knowledge of can ensure excellent search engine results.

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..kudos to Terry Owen for a stylish, well designed and user friendly site!

...Your site and work is excellent Terry! Very impressed with your work. You are very talented and diverse in your skillsets which is reflected in the sites you have created.