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Terry Owen

Terry Owen
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Terry Owen, the owner, developer and operator of BuzzTone Web Productions, was educated and trained as a world class saxophonist at Toronto's coveted Humber College for the Performing and Applied Arts.

Terry hails from a computer programming family rather than a musical family. They influenced him to study computers which he's been around most of his life. Terry has studied Data Processing at CEGEP, Heritage Campus in Hull, Quebec and Computer Science at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.

Terry learned to be fluent with computers from the ground up learning machine code to advanced languages and applications at the time such as PASCAL, COBOL, DBASE I,II and III, and C++. His family has shared knowledge and computer techniques over the years. His father was senior database administrator for DND, his older brother is a senior communications coordinator for Accenture, and his younger brother is a computer technician for Hewlett Packard.

Over the past 20 years he's toured and performed Internationally with world class performers form the U.S. and Canada including Juno and Grammy nominated artists and winners. He resided in the U.S. in State College, Pennsylvania for over 10 years and has recently relocated back to Canada.

While in the U.S., Mr. Owen applied his computer language training to the internet, studying all aspects of HTML and internet operations. He took the opportunity to study with under graduates and graduates from Pennsylvania's State University, Penn State.

He uses the internet to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. His knowledge of HTML is extensive. Rather than using programs to write code, Terry writes all his code by hand using a simple text editor (notepad) and validates the code through the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, who oversee and set the standards for Internet Programming. He uses these coding standards to ensure your website looks and works great in any browser, accross multiple platforms.

Terry's experience in the music industry having worked with so many different and diverse projects, provides a strong asset for BuzzTone Web Productions and its network of clients.
He has a unique network of connections and experience dealing with many types of businesses that work with creative artists and a diverse technical background versed in all apsects of Internet and Internet Related Services.

Hence our motto:
Harmonizing Artistry and Technology...To Successfully Promote You!
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Terry Owen
Terry Owen - with Bo Diddley '92
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Terry Owen
Terry Owen - at The Rainbow
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