David Owen - 1946 RCMP Veterans Association

David Owen
1938 - 2006

- No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye,
you were gone before we knew it,and God only knows why.

David Owen - 2002


The service held on Monady, August 14th 2006 was attended by many friends and faces from the past and present and has given us comfort. We wish to especially thank Al Haggerty, Don Day, and Ian Cooper and the entire RCMP Veterans Association for helping us make Dave's service reflect his dedication to the RCMP and The Veterans Association.

Alan Churchill, the RCMP Chaplin, performed a wonderful service. Al Haggerty delivered a Eulogy reflecting on Dave's life and career followed by Dave and Betty's 3 sons, Kevin, Terry and Glen reflecting their personal stories and experiences from over the years and 2 heart wrenching poems from 2 of Dave's Grand children, Kaitlyn and Kyra.

It was a warm relaxed atmosphere of friends and family, so much so that the Eulogies that the sons delivered brought chuckles, tears and applause as they remembered their father. The poems by Kaitlyn and Kyra were simply beautiful.

The eulogies and poems are posted here.
Thanks to everyone for helping us through and getting organized.
It was a special, memorable service thanks to everyone's input, caring and help.

Al Haggerty - The 3 sons - Kaitlyn's Poem - Kyra's Poem

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